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Ba Gua Lien Huan:
Ba Gua Continous Chain Linking Form. This form moves in a continous fashion to all of the compass points and in all six directions (up, down, back, forward, left, right). It adds many different combat applications.

Yao Shen Zhang:
Dragon Palm. An advanced form consisting of eight parts with each section composed of eight changes the total comprising sixty four changes. A form of continous change in all directions. Li Ziming taught this form. I learned it from Tom originally and later from Zhang Huasen.

Ba Mian Zhang:
Eight Directions Palm. As in Yao Shen Zhang you have eight parts composed of eight changes in eight directions. Each section begins with one of the Mother Palms and utilizes different applications (based on the energy of the Mother Palm) to different directions. Guo Gumin taught this form. I learned it from Wong Shitong. Either of these two forms could be practiced it is not necessary to do both. I only do this one but that is just personal preference.

A variety of weapons are also taught including:  Rooster Knife, Wind Fire Wheels, Dao , Heart High Stick, and Double Headed Spear. Many of these weapons include two man forms as well as solo forms. Chin Na and Vital Point striking is also taught. Ba Gua Qi Gong and Nei Gong methods are taught as well as the 36 songs and 48 methods, which contain much of the fighting theory of Ba Gua.

I am sure I have left some things out as different teachers will teach different things.

All of the above can seem very complex. Oddly enough I think the genius of the art is actually its essential simplicty. Three palm changes done on a circle with continous movement. The strike and step happen at the same time so one can move to the next change without stopping. Tranquility in movement. Out of that you can create ten thousand things.

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