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Liang Zhenpu founder of the Liang style of Bagua
Li Ziming, disciple of Liang Zhenpu

Liang Zhenpu Eight Diagram Palm

Liang Zhenpu was born in 1863 in Chi County of Hebei Province. He began his training with Dong Haichuan at the age of fourteen in 1877. Because Liang was a dedicated and hard working student he made quick progress with his teacher. Dong Haichuan died in 1882 when Liang Zhenpu was only nineteen so he continued his training with his elder school brothers, particularly Yin Fu, Cheng Tinghua, Liu Fengchun and Shih Chitung.

He later set up the Te Sheng protection service in Chi Couny. After the Chinese Republic began in 1911, he taught martial arts at different middle schools in Chi County. Sometime later he set up another protection service, Kuei Ying. Throughout his lifetime he spread Ba Gua in Chi County. He died at the age of 69 in 1932.

Liang Zhenpu had many students but the most well known in Beijing was Guo Gemin. Guo was accepted as a disciple at the age of twenty in 1907. Guo Gemin developed superlative skill and his knowledge of Ba Gua was deep. He authored the 36 songs and 48 sayings that are studied by most Ba Gua practioners. Guo taught a great many students and he remained a bachelor all of his life. He died in 1968. Guo was the elder school brother of Li Ziming and Wong Shitong was one of his disciples.

Li Ziming was born in Chi County in 1900 and he began to study with Liang Zhenpu at the age of eighteen. He studied with Liang from 1918 to 1932. Li also trained with Guo Gemin who was Li's elder school brother. Li Ziming himself did not teach outside of his own family until he was seventy four years old. He had many students and because of their efforts Liang Zhenpu Ba Gua has been spread around the world. Some of his best known disciples are Zhao Dayuan, Ma Chuanxu,Wong Tong, Di Guoyong, Zhang Huasen and Vince Black (who is the only western disciple of Li Ziming).

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